Putting up a swimming pool does not just call for the interests of the swimming enthusiasts, but it also brings into action the magnificent design works of professional engineers. That is who we are.

Our clients include Hotels, Schools, Business Parks and Government recreational centers. Individual homes lately construct swimming pools for home use. Because of the diverse needs, we are renowned for designing, constructing and maintenance of swimming pools across East Africa.  We fully understand that the standard recommendations vary from region to region, but generally, we are keen to follow the same principle and safety requirements.

We observe international standards in every step of our construction. All civil works, masonry works and steel works are done with high level of precision to avoid disasters that always strike with poorly designed pools. A waterproofing finish ensures our product stands out from the rest. By constructing coping around the pool’s edge, we don’t only give the final structure an aesthetic look but equally offer the swimmers a feel for the recreational facility.