We have built a strong relationship with reputable local distributors of PVC tanks so as to complement our Steel Towers. Some clients too need plastic tanks for rooftops. Our suppliers have a full range of durable storage tanks designed with UV inhibitors to withstand strong sunlight exposure. Plastic tanks come in an array of shapes like the ordinary cylindrical tanks, rectangular loft tanks, underground spherical tanks, or even horizontal tanks for septic use.

Our prices are unbeatable. We ensure clients get the value for their money.

Plastic tanks are easy to install, and we deliver tanks to the client’s site for free. Unlike other forms of tanks, clients with a preference for plastic tanks enjoy the flexibility that comes with the ease of moving around with PVC tanks. Away from low-cost features, plastic tanks are not prone to rust or corrosion. They are pre-painted and our customers choose from available colors to suit the landscape back at home.


Rotomoulding process performed through heat and speed using a mould ensures zero leakages and chances of tank members falling apart. All our plastic tanks are manufactured from food-grade safe, BPA-free polyethylene plastic guaranteeing 100% safety, and making it absolutely ideal for storing drinking water.