Wondering how to solve the power interruptions in your office building, commercial setting or residential areas? We at Champion Engineering know what is best for you- Generators.

Generators can be the primary source of power in your building. However, you may have a preference for the generators to run your daily operations. Be it a single generator running on petrol or a genset of multi-unit generators that use diesel motors, we stand out from the rest as the best providers of these machines.

Over the years, we have come in to source, supply and install stand by generators for our clients who value a continuous service delivery free from interruptions. We provide all types of generators that come in a range of sizes to suit the diverse needs of the clients. We equally offer technical advice to enable our clients make an informed decision on the type and output level of the generator that is desirable.

Generators, just like any other machine, require servicing and are also prone to breaking down once in a while. A broken-down generator can be fixed. Services can be in form of timely removal of worn-out parts or upgrading the components; Checking fluid levels; Battery inspection and cleaning of connections; Load bank testing; Verifying control panel readings and indicators and even Changing fuel and air filters and this is exactly what our team does best. We believe that when you consult professionals, you get professional service too. We are the best in this.