For many years, we have successfully cut a niche for ourselves in the fabrication and installation of steel tanks ideal for both domestic and irrigation use. Our highly experienced workshop team fabricates incredibly strong steel tanks proven to last for decades. Our tanks are made of pressed panels and coated prior to dispatch with primer paint on the inside and silver aluminum on the outside to withstand corrosion and bad weather. We also offer galvanized steel tanks that guarantee a longer-lasting lifespan than the painted ones. This galvanizing is an environmentally-friendly advanced technique that provides barrier protection between all internal and external steel surfaces against corrosion.

A wide range of tank capacity is available since we can fabricate smaller loft tanks of 1m3 (1,000 liters) to mega non-elevated tanks of 1,000m3 (1,000,000 liters). All our tanks are leak-proof and our clients enjoy a Quality Assurance warranty after the commissioning of these magnificent products for use. We endeavor to continually remain innovative to adapt to the ever-changing environment in water solutions so as to give the best steel storage tanks that meet the demands of the market.