From skyscrapers and stadia to warehouses and lately personal homes; Champion Engineering architects and design engineers are keen to deliver steel structures of a lifetime. The strength and durability of our steel structures cannot be found anywhere else. We employ the same technique in erecting multi-storeyed buildings, malls and petrol stations. With the age-old experience in handling steel, our structures guarantee maximum resistance to warp, buckle, twist, or bend. We do this while enjoying the flexible usage and ease of installation.

Though the costs involved may be relatively higher as compared to that of conventional wooden structures, clients who are willing to make an upfront spending would save a lot from these attractive structures with low maintenance cost. Our structures can stand against plaques affecting wood such as molds, mildew, fire and termites. Natural disasters like high-speed wind, tornadoes and earthquakes would pose no threat to our steel structures.

And when we say “Steel Structures”, we mean:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Supermarkets
  • Offices
  • Houses
  • Student Accommodation
  • Hotels
  • Sport Halls
  • Mosques
  • Churches
  • Military Hangars
  • Warehouses
  • Factory Buildings
  • Steel structures for Petrochem
Steel Structures