Our team offers a wholesome package when it comes to a sustainable water supply. Borehole drilling is a practice we have perfected in years and every time we deploy our rig to the ground, we strike and we never miss water- thanks to our experienced hydro-geologists. We employ the use of sophisticated drilling rigs that enable us to deliver efficient service within timelines. We work closely with government authorities to offer auxiliary services like approvals from NEMA, WARMA and also documenting the survey report professionally.

Hitting water is one thing, drawing water is another thing. Our multi-prong approach to this service brings together water engineers, electrical engineers, and plumbers to perform what you cannot find anywhere else. We give our clients an option of up to three quality pumps offered by trusted suppliers in the market and our technical team will install to enable a reliable draw of water from the borehole.

The motors can be electrical or solar powered depending on the daily water consumption, borehole yield and the client’s budget. Solarizing helps our clients cut on cost significantly.

We equally service boreholes. Boreholes, just like other systems, need regular maintenance to continue serving you better. This is what we handle routinely at reasonable charges to ensure an uninterrupted water supply from your borehole which is clean, quality and safe for use. Jetting is one approach we apply to dislodge silt that continually deposit at the bottom of the borehole.

We repair broken down pumps and re-install the borehole components.

Cleaning and disinfecting the borehole is also a part of our service that help remove the foul smell that boreholes tend to get with time.