Large scale farming needs a constant and reliable water supply. When we entered the market, we matched the growing demand for this commodity by various quotas.

We have helped farmers put up drip irrigation in their farms. With the use of new technologies, our experts in soil and water professionally develop an irrigation system that guarantees an uninterrupted supply of water in drier areas.

We equally perform general drainage works needed to manage surface water. Good drainage on the roads secures the roads from damage by running water and erosion. Routine maintenance ensures that experienced contractors in drainage must be sought. At champion engineering, we provide culverts and mount as per specifications. Our civil engineers know what is best in terms of drainage needs.


While performing piping works, we too conduct pressure Test of Piping System, Cleaning for Pipe Lines as well as Welding Procedure for Piping. Fabricated pipes are designed to drawing standards and measured to dimensions

Complex hydrologic and hydraulic components that provide water supply for home use or industrial supply make up a significant component of our services. These include a drainage basin and raw water collection point (both above and below ground) where the water accumulates, such as a lake, a river, or groundwater from an underground aquifer.

After collecting water, there is need to store in tanks or reservoirs. Pressure vessels and cisterns may also be used. Distribution can be done using a pipe network, normally laid under the surface, however aboveground high density pipes also suffice.