We have centered our focus in water solutions for the diverse needs of mankind. With our machinery and highly skilled operators, we have delivered large and small dams. Soil and water engineers bring on board their extensive practice in digging dams in various regions with varying soil structures. Areas that experience longer drier months have had a reason to smile since we have delivered numerous water pans for harvesting and storing water.

Fish farming is made easier, but this is after our input in solving the main component in the project- pond. We design, construct and service fish ponds for individual clients, communities and organizations as well as government projects.

With your dam ready to be filled with water, one thing remains- lining your dam with an impermeable membrane where the soil is too porous.

You need to harvest water today and secure the future drier seasons by storing the precious commodity in a lined reservoir. Ponds too can be lined with a quality material to prevent leakage and guarantee usage at a future date. Manufacturers of our liners ensure the material is of good quality made from virgin material that guarantees resistance to abrasion and puncturing. Our engineers in soil and water will supervise the site preparation and installation of the liners, thereby getting the job done with maximum results