We construct a low-cost option masonry tanks ideal to provide a reserve supply of water for daily house activities, farming, and even commercial use. This option is an alternative to steel and plastic. Every tank is designed to meet particular needs, considering the capacity it’s intended to carry.

Our masonry tanks may be brick made or stone-walled and may be designed with a single compartment or multiple compartments for maximum volume while achieving economic suitability. One advantage of our masonry tanks is that they are generally strong, long-lasting, and keep water cooler due to the insulation value of concrete.

For an aesthetic finish, we apply a coat of neat cement punning to the plaster on the surface of the walls and the base slab on the inner side of the tank. Fittings and all needed plumbing works shall be done to meet the standards and guarantee zero leaks. While we believe in standards, we still manage to offer highly competitive rates in the region.